fish or cut byte .com

Hello, my name is Joe Fish. I started this web site as a way to practice my burgeoning web skills so that I can better advance my job opportunities. I have been in IT for almost ten years but have finally found something I like. I am going to attempt to use all kinds of stuff and to document is as best I can. Maybe I can help someone else. In the meanwhile this site will tell you a little something about me- especially useful for friends and family. If you want to email me you can at
Hay bales at Tignish
I'm not sure what I'm going to include for content yet. Like everything else in my life I'm making it up as I go along. I will be using CSS, PHP, Javascript and whatever else I can fit in my head and squeeze out through my fingers. Maybe I'll have a blog, but everyone has a blog nowadays. Would anybody read it? Would anybody care? Probably not. I'll just be putting together stuff that will showcase my current skill set for prospective clients or an employer that will pay me big bucks to save the world (well, at least their world) most weekdays.

The pictures here are of my trip to Prince Edward Island. I will be using a lot of examples from this trip in the site.